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So you are looking to ditch your rusty old motor. This trusty old banger that has seen you though many miles has finally reached the end of its usefulness has given up the ghost. Now you are looking for a reliable scrap car service, that has taken out the hassle of scrap car disposal and scrap car recycling in a reasonable time scale.

We offer free scrap car collection for our customers address and removal at a convenient time. We also offer all our customers cash!

So, get in touch with us today on 07407 510 407 or fill out our simple online quote form for an instant quote and we will get back in touch with our best possible price for your old motor.

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So Can I Scrap My Car Near Me?

How Do I Go About Disposing Of My Old Motor?

Turning your old car into scrap metal is really simple! All you need to do is to fill out our scrap car form, all we need to know is the vehicle registration and your location so our scrap car network can take it off your hands, allowing you to sit back and relax. We will then get in contact with your offering our best possible offer for the car and arrange a convenient, suitable time for collection from your address and form of payment.

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What documents do I need to scrap my car?

Having the correct paperwork is vital to making the scrapping process as smooth as possible. Make sure you have the logbook (V5C) as you cannot dispose of your old car without this official paperwork, as this proves that the vehicle belongs to you.

We will only take your car to accredited and nearest scrap yards or Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) or also known as an End of life vehicle centre. It is illegal to take your vehicle to a authorised disposal centre that is not a Authorised Treatment Facility.

What happens if I've lost my V5C?

If you have misplaced your V5C logbook (V5 Registration Document) or you have lost it in a house move you can apply for a new one from the DVLA, for only £25. Having this document speeds up the progression greatly. But you can get rid your car without this document. As long as you can prove that you are the registered owner and have documentation to prove you are (proof of address, etc.) and all the information is up to date.

Certificate of Destruction

After this you should receive an email or be posted a certificate of destruction (CoD) usually within a week. The certificate/notice of destruction is a document that you have correctly disposed, recycled your old car.

Fill out our form with the details of your car and we will provide you with a cash quotes on the disposal/recycling value of your car!

Do I need to contact DVLA when I sell or scrap my car?

Remember that your will need to inform the DVLA if you have properly disposed of your car, if you forget you can be fined a hefty £1,000.

When Should You Get Rid of Your Car?

The circumstances of when to dispose or recycle your car, can differ from case to case. The usual opportunity to junk your car is when it fails its MoT, meaning that it's not in a roadworthy condition or becomes too expensive to repair. Perhaps you unfortunately have been involved in an accident that has written your car off or becomes a category A, B, C, D, S or N write-off (this is regularly noted as a 'Cat D' or 'Cat N').

Don't fret however! We happily accept motors in all types of conditions and we pay cash for scrap!

But remember disposing or recycling your car is entirely up to you! If you choose to scrap your car, you must inform the DVLA when you have done so. As you could be fined a £1,000!

We Will Buy Your Motor.

If you have a old banger that is just sitting in a garage or on your drive we will happily take it off your hands for you! We we throughly evaluate your banger and will offer you the best possible scrap car price we can offer!

Will I Get A Fair Amount to Dispose Or Recycle My Car?

Finding out the value of your car can be confusing. You could use multiple comparison websites that will provide you with a thousands of scrap valuations with a variety of quotes that may seem tempting but this might not be the best offer! As these companies often give you the lowest amount so when you're looking to retire your old car, it is best to shop around.

Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with our best possible price!


As with all things, your transportation regardless of the model will eventually get old. Once your trusty old run-around reaches the dizzying heights of mileage of around 120,000 to 150,000 or is over the age of 15 years old (do note that this does vary from model to model). Eventually after replacing a tyre here and a clutch there, the overall costs of maintaining your trusty steed climb to astronomical costs! When you are paying more to repair your car than its actual worth it is a good sign of your car being under this category. Not only do the repair costs increase but it is also likely that your rusty ride is going to hit with taxes if it does not reach the Euro 6 standards for example.

Well there are multiple benefits If you choose to sell your car to us! The first and immediate benefit is taking away all the hassle of shopping around and taking care of the hunk of metal that is currently lives on your driveway. Visiting scrap car comparison websites showing you thousands of scrap vehicle prices from local scrap car buyers and national scrap buying companies, including independent car buyers from all around the country including London, Manchester, Newcastle etc. These comparison website do not always give you the best offers for scrap and not always the best scrap price!

We will bring you, the customer peace of mind that your old car will be disposed of in the correct way with our streamlined process taking all the confusing jargon out of the picture giving you a new lease of life.

Another bonus and some might say, the best thing about selling your retired motor; is the fact we will buy your old motor with prompt payment allowing you plenty of time to think about how your going to spend all that money!

It couldn't be simpler! Simply complete our form with a working email address or get in touch with a member of our customer services team that can take you through our step-by-step process, discussing our payment terms including instant payment for your old motor. We also will take a whole host of scrap vehicles such as caravans, vans etc.

Your bangers worth can be subject to a whole host of criteria. Has it been damaged? Is it in good condition? Is it a out of production model? These questions and more help determine the worth of your bucket of bolts scrap weight. Fill out our simple quote form and we will get in touch!

We will not charge you even on the largest scrap cars and you can be assured that we only take your rust bucket to a authorised scrap car metal recycling/disposal site.

We will get in contact with you as soon as possible discussing the best time to collect your old motor once a agreement has been made.

We'll take care of that for you! We have extensive links in our scrap car network that can take the glorified paperweight to a Authorised Treament Facility (ATF) to recycle/dispose of it. Although in nearly every case you will be offered some money for your automobile as long as it has not already been taken apart.


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